Need Help Building Your Own Complete Skateboard?


Have you found a deck you really think is awesome but aren’t sure what a good set-up would be or how to go about building a custom complete? You may be a beginner or an old-school skater who is unsure how to replicate a favorite board, so we are going to show you a couple quality set-ups for different rides in the next couple blog posts.

Our first post of the series is going to be for the beginning skater who knows the deck they want but are unsure which components to select.

Part 1: Easiest and Cheapest Way to Build a Quality  7.5″ and 7.75″  Complete Skateboard

This set up contains the components below, just click on the pictures to add them to your cart!

– Tensor Assembled Trucks – 7.75″ Axle -Set of 2 (46.99)
– Jessup WHS Die-Cut Grip Tape – 9″ x 33″ (5.99)
– Standard Black Skateboard Hardware Set – 1″ (3.49)
– Warehouse Free Skateboard Assembly (Free)

= A Complete Skateboard with the Exact Deck You Wanted for less than $100!

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