What Do I Need to Build a Skateboard?


You got ahold of your kid’s Christmas list and, sure enough, “brand new skateboard” is number one. You’ve found the Warehouse website, so you’re off to a good start, but as you can see from our huge selection, you’ve got a few choices to make. Luckily, we’re here to guide you through the process so you create the perfect custom board for your kid.

Here’s what you need:

Skateboard Deck

Skateboard Trucks (two trucks)

  • You’ll need two skateboard trucks to mount the underside of your skateboard to keep your wheels and bearings safely attached. Warehouse Skateboards carries skateboard trucks in lots of sizes and colors, and we have a huge selection of your favorite skateboard brands

Skateboard Wheels (four wheels)

  • Y’all know what skateboard wheels are for, but do you know that sizes and durability levels determine how fast you can go? Check out our skateboard wheels buying guide to learn more about diameter and durometer.

Skateboard Bearings (Two per wheel, eight total)

Skateboard Hardware (set of eight bolts and nuts)

  • Hardware connects skateboard trucks to the skateboard deck. Hardware is sold in sets of eight, but you can always purchase parts individually as needed. Our skateboard hardware selection has the sizes and colors from the brands to you. Stock up!

Skateboard Grip Tape

  • Straightforward, and you know it. Get the traction and grip you need to stay on your board! Most riders rely on brand preference—no technical info here!

Riser Pads (Set of two)

  • No one wants to wipe out. Wheel bite (what happens when you don’t have riser pads!) suddenly stops the wheel’s motion. You can pick whether or not you want to user riser pads for your skateboard—but keep in mind that riser pads give you extra pop!


If you’re ever unsure about what you need to build an awesome skateboard complete, check out the Warehouse Skateboards Buying Guides. We’ve got some tips and tricks there for you with some video tutorials. #Goskate!


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