Maple X0 Recycled Earrings from Duffel Decks


Pretty interesting concept by Maple X0! They took Corey Duffel’s old skate decks and turned them into earrings. You can buy the autographed earrings on Ebay. Here is a small blurb on the company.

MapleXO is more than just a concept. It’s quality jewelry, the re-life of skateboards, and a fashionable way to make a statement. It’s a company that believes in the idea that people still believe. Wearing MapleXO means more than just having good style. It means that you believe in your creativity, believe in your individuality, and believe in your power to impact the planet. MapleXO is the original creator of handmade recycled skateboard jewelry.

Live. Love. Wear. Skateboarding. MapleXO


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