Madd Gear Scooters Now Available!


Madd Gear Scooters have been around for over a decade, originating in Australia and then expanding worldwide. The brand is known for its quality scooter parts and accessories, and Warehouse Skateboards is proud to add Madd Gear Scooters and accessories to its offerings.

Madd Gear’s innovative design and colorful styles are youthful, from Madd Gear Scooter Bars all the way to Madd Gear Scooter Wheels. But despite being “youthful,” and Madd Gear staying dedicated to being a kid’s brand, these scooters are built to last through even the most hardcore scootering. If you want a scooter bar that you can count on, and scooter wheels you can flip hard tricks on, these scooters are for you.

To top it off, these guys are big on keeping kids active on both the local and global level. Madd Gear donates scooters to fundraisers and events, and also volunteers at instructional camps and programs. Everything about this brand is sharp, and these scooters come with many innovative features that allow you to show off and ride in style.

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