Lucky Scooters


Know those nights where you’re chilling with your friends, casually throwing some crazy ideas around when one kinda surprises you? Well get this.


Lucky actually started out in a garage. They were bummed that scooter companies were selling low quality scooters with parts that just didn’t cut it. So what’d these guys do? They created and sold high performance parts that wouldn’t break. Lucky Scooters became more and more popular and are now one of the most sought after  scooter brands in the world!


The cool thing is that these guys are really all about making scooting the most popular action sport in the world. They want to help develop riders and help make it a legitimate sport. I mean, why not?


Check out some awesome clips from Capron:



There isn’t a weak spot in their inventory; all of Lucky Scooter’s products are made to last. You really can’t go wrong with a Lucky Scooter!

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