Longboard Skateboards


What’s the difference between a traditional skateboard and a longboard? Why should you Well, the similarities stop after the basic construction. Longboards are made for cruising, taking long, wide turns at faster speeds, often rougher terrain and a more comfortable ride. A recent surge in popularity amongst college kids and surfers using longboards for transportation has yielded a wide selection from tons of brands. Warehouse Skateboards carries all the best longboard skateboards


Choosing a longboard. The easiest way to go is to order a longboard complete. The components of a longboard complete are chosen by the manufacturer to offer an overall ride consistent in quality. If you want to build a custom complete longboard, be sure to refer to our sizing charts and to pay attention to longboard-specific truck, wheel and bearing information. 


For any other questions when ordering a longboard skateboard deck, longboard complete or accessories, check out our skateboard buying guide or contact Customer Service

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