Learn How to Tre-Flip


We get questions daily on how to land a “tre-flip” (also known as 360 flip) which is basically a kick-flip while doing a pop shuv-it. So, I did some research and found some sources that might help you conquer the task. For complete written instructions go to which has a detailed tutorial on foot placement and technique when trying to land your 360 flip.

You can also watch Powell Team Rider Danny Wainwright teach you at Grind TV or watch the videos below based on your stance.

If you ride goofy like Eric Koston, here is a great play-by-play with the Birdman himself.

If you ride regular here is a YouTube favorite from Stefan Janoski.

Feel free to comment and give any advice you may have for your fellow skater!

***These instructions are from other websites and we are not held responsible for any tricks that are tried at home.

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