LA illuminates local parks to bring fun after dark


“To get to the place in Boyle Heights where the spirit of summer lives, I first passed through a neighborhood of stout little houses, where the streets were too quiet, too lonely and much too dark. Next I passed through a tunnel where the concrete walls gleamed and pulsed ominously with taggers’ spray paint. And then, suddenly, I saw it: an oasis of light. Getting closer, I heard the voices of children. Then I stepped into the bright park itself and found a village of people. They ran on the soccer fields, spun on skateboards and held hands on the concrete steps that faced the baseball diamond. Some of the neighborhood old-timers told me it was a sight they thought they’d never see. Ramon Garcia Park was filled with people, several hundred in all, well after dark.

“To come here at night, you used to have to carry a knife,” Juan Caudillo told me. He’s a retired mechanic who’s lived near the park for 25 years. Until recently, gang members and assorted muggers prowled the edges of the park, he said.”

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