King of the Groms Series 2011 Championship


Congratulations to Jonathon “Buttas” Reese for winning the 2011 King of the Groms Series Expert Street Division. In case you haven’t been keeping up with the King of the Groms, it’s a contest series that has 5 qualifiers at  different skate parks around the country and a final championship held at 3rd Lair Skatepark this past weekend.

The series had over 250 groms competing  from all over the US and Canada. All contestants in the Championship event had to win a Gold Ticket in a qualifier to be invited to the final contest. Buttas Reese has won flow sponsorship from World Industries and a free week at Woodward or Lake Owen Skate Camps.

Go to to see tons of pictures and Final Results from the event. Watch the video below of the Championship Street Finals. It is  mind-boggling the amount of talent these young skaters have, keep on shredding groms!

2011 King of the Groms Champion


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