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New Z-Flex Skateboards cruisers are now in stock!


Z-Flex is one of the longest living skateboard companies in existence. Founded in 1976, they have evolved as a pioneer in the industry. With decades of experience under its belt, Z-Flex continues its path of determination and dedication to skateboarding. Z-Flex makes decks for skateboards and longboards. Their decks are constructed from 7 ply Hardrock Canadian maple. Z-Flex skateboard decks come in a variety of designs featuring unique images such as skeletons, astronauts, burglars, and more! Their deck graphics feature so much attention to detail that you can’t help but ogle them!


For a great cruiser that gets you where you want to go in style, check out Z-Flex. Quality, design, and a killer reputation – what more could you want?

Shop now, while they’re still in stock!

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