Just In: Spitfire Skeleton Key Wheels


You’re gonna want to roll over to the Warehouse Skateboards online shop when you see the new limited edition collaboration between Spitfire Wheels and Skeleton Key. Each set comes with one wheel that is hand-dyed by Darren Navarrette himself, which is totally unique and extremely awesome. Best of all, we’ve got ’em in two sizes:

Spitfire Wheels Skeleton Key Black / White Skateboard Wheels – 55mm 99a (Set of 4)


Spitfire Wheels Skeleton Key Black / White Skateboard Wheels – 59mm 99a (Set of 4)


Trust us when we say that these wheels don’t just look good – they ride good, too. For over twenty-five years, Spitfire has been known in the industry for their long-lasting, unbeatable urethane formula. Created in San Francisco, the Spitfire name is synonymous with its skateboard wheels. Spitfire wheels maintain their original shape and size under any condition, no matter where you skate. They provide a fast, consistent ride and allow you to have complete control as you move. Sold in packs of four, Spitfire skateboard wheels come in many colors and graphics featuring the iconic logo. If you are looking for a high performance bearing, then Spitfire is all you need. If you’re looking for awesome wheels that won’t let you down, stop. You just found them.

This is a limited release collaboration, so grab a set while you still can!

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