Just In: Sector 9 Morning Breath Artist Series


Warehouse Skateboards is proud to feature the Morning Breath Artist Series from Sector 9 in its stock! This sick selection comprises three boards: the Switchblade, the Heffer, and the Royal Flush completes. Designed by Morning Breath, Inc., artists Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto, these boards are shipped completely assembled and ready to skate.

Sector 9 Heffer Morning Breath Blue Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 9.8″ x 30″


The Heffer is perfect for cruising casually at 9.8” x 30” with an electric blue background. Sidewalk surfing has never been easier on this complete board, meaning “this little piggy” doesn’t have to stay home.

Sector 9 Royal Flush Morning Breath Yellow Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 8.5″ x 30.5″


Versatile and sporting a more traditional shape, the Royal Flush longboard measures 8.5” x 30.5” and stands out from the crowd with a bold design. With a durable deck, you’ll be ready to slay the streets before you know it.

Sector 9 Switchblade Morning Breath Pink Longboard Complete Skateboard – 8.75″ x 38″


Ideally designed to cruise, carve, or coast downhill, the Switchblade is 8.75” x 38” and a stable option for any skill level. So bomb those hills and skirt those corners: fight the nerves with a board that’s got you covered.

Founded in 1993, Sector 9 is well known in the industry for its powerhouse skateboards and longboards. What started as a backyard business quickly grew into a brand on demand, one that now provides tailored products for all skill levels. Made of 7 ply maple wood, these traditional-style boards stand up to any condition. The Morning Breath Artist Series boards are selling quickly – order yours today!

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