Sector 9 Skateboards

Just In: Sector 9 Cruisers & Longboards


Get excited, because Sector 9 is releases tons of new completes and decks, just in time for the holidays! Choose from one of their new completes or decks and make sure you cruise into 2017 in style. Featuring quality cruisers and longboards, you are sure to be satisfied with whichever you choose.

Sector 9 has a reputation for making powerhouse skateboards and longboards tailored for all levels and skill sets. This California-based company designs skateboards with coastal graphics themes, as well as neon colors and rad font styles. You really can’t go wrong when your board looks AND rides this well!

Take a look at some of their newest rides.

Sector 9 Bamboo Offshore 16 Complete Longboard Skateboard

Sector 9 skateboard

Sector 9 Bamboo Strand 16 Complete Cruiser Skateboard

Sector 9 skateboard

Sector 9 Catapult 16 Black / White Complete Longboard Skateboard

Sector 9 skateboard

Sector 9 Getaway 16 Black / Orange Complete Cruiser Skateboard Includes Gullwing Sidewinder Truck

Sector 9 skateboard

Oh and did we mention that their all new Lumiskate Series GLOWS IN THE DARK?!

Sector 9 LumiSkate series



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