Just In: Sector 9 Classix Longboard Complete Skateboard Series


Tune into your favorite standbys of summer with the Classix longboard series from Sector 9!

Sector 9 Classix Series Orb Catapult Longboard Complete Skateboard – 9.5″ x 38″


Founded in 1993, Sector 9 is a California-based skateboard company. What started as a backyard business grew into a highly sought-after brand that warranted opening its own factory. Sector 9 is known in the industry for its powerhouse skateboards and longboards, completely outfitted with hardware and grip tape or available in decks for customization. Tailored for all levels and skill sets, the brand’s complete skateboards and longboards can withstand the test of durability and are up for testing lots of tricks at the skate park. Longboards from Sector 9 are specially designed for smooth turns and cruising at high speeds over long distances, so be ready for a high-energy ride!

Sector 9 Classix Series Split Double Cross Longboard Complete Skateboard – 9.25″ x 41.75″


While Sector 9 is usually known for stocking boards in bright, fun neon colors and imaginative designs, these show off a sentimental side, all wrapped together with quirky designs that lend a little something extra to the overall look and feel of these longboards.

Sector 9 Classix Series Timber Bintang Longboard Complete Skateboard – 9.25″ x 38″


Don’t wait to hop on one of these classically-styled longboard completes! Order yours from Warehouse Skateboards today.

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