Just In: Santa Cruz Skateboards Screaming Hand Camo Complete Skateboards Series


You scream, we scream… you’ll definitely want to shout for joy when one of these Screaming Hand complete skateboards from Santa Cruz Skateboards arrives on your front porch!

Santa Cruz Skateboards Screaming Hand Camo Green Camo Mini Complete Skateboard – 6.75″ x 28.5″


Since its foundation in 1973, Santa Cruz Skateboards has been dominating the skating world with an iron fist. The California-based brand specializes in everything skateboarding, including hard goods, soft goods, apparel, and accessories. Santa Cruz Skateboards’ decks are crafted from classic 100% North American maple that’s built to last, not to mention tailored for speed and easy handling. Completes – like the boards in this series – are equipped with the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip tape so you can get riding the moment it arrives at your door.

Santa Cruz Skateboards Screaming Hand Camo Grey Camo Mid Complete Skateboards – 7.25″ x 29.9″


When it comes to visual appeal, this brand doesn’t disappoint. Its usual designs include character depictions like the famous Marvel and Star Wars series. From cartoon characters to the iconic screaming hand logo featured in this series, creativity is always flowing at Santa Cruz Skateboards.

Santa Cruz Skateboards Screaming Hand Camo Neon Camo Complete Skateboard – 7.75″ x 31.4″


Get any one of these decks in a unique or classic take on camo designs, including neon or pastel variations, and see for yourself why Santa Cruz is known as one of the best in the skateboarding industry!

Santa Cruz Skateboards Screaming Hand Camo Pastel Complete Skateboard – 8″ x 31.6″


Don’t wait, or these stealthy skateboards might just fade into their surroundings after they fly off of our shelves here at Warehouse Skateboards. Order your complete skateboard today!

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