Just In: Penny Skateboards The Simpsons Collection


One of the longest running television shows makes an appearance in Warehouse Skateboards’ stock: presenting the Cruiser series from Penny Skateboards dedicated to The Simpsons!

Penny Skateboards The Simpsons Bart 27″ Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 7.5″ x 27″


Already assembled for your convenience, the plastic Cruiser comes ready to skate and includes trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape. The deck measures 7.5” by 27” and features one of six characters from the iconic series.

Penny Skateboards The Simpsons Maggie 22″ Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 6″ x 22″


Among the first to develop original plastic skateboards, Penny Skateboards was first introduced to the industry in the mid-1970s before temporarily fading from popularity. The company has since made an awesome comeback with modern manufacturing making Penny boards long-lasting and high performance options. Penny boards, averaging at only 22 inches, are smaller than most skateboards, which typically range from around 30 to 32 inches. This tends to make their products popular among female shredders, but anyone can appreciate the light and durable designs for which Penny is known!

Penny Skateboards The Simpsons Otto 27″ Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 7.5″ x 27″


All boards in this collection feature a classic waffle top on a non-slip deck and 59mm 83A wheels, ensuring the smoothest ride. These boards are a hit item in our stores – order today!

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