Just In: Penny Skateboards Metallic Cruiser Complete Series


Rise and shine with the skateboards in this metallic cruiser series by Penny Skateboards! These boards are so sleek and reflective, you can practically watch yourself nail every trick in the book.

Penny Skateboards Black Gold 27″ Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 7.5″ x 27″


Penny was the first brand to develop original plastic skateboards, and first introduced them in the mid 1970s. The boards quickly went out of style after they proved unable to keep up with the growing skateboard industry, but have since made a comeback! Modern advancements in manufacturing have allowed for Penny complete skateboards to hit the streets better than ever before.

Penny Skateboards Gunmetal Metallic 27″ Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 7.5″ x 27″


Penny boards are high performance and long-lasting thanks to the usage of the best raw materials and an attention to detail throughout the building process. Penny skateboard decks are also made from their secret plastic formula and average at only 22 inches in length; they are smaller than most skateboards, which typically range from around 30 to 32 inches in size. With its sharp turns and small surface area, the Penny board is perfect for both getting around and fitting in your backpack.

Penny Skateboards Silver Pink 22″ Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 6″ x 22″


Other skateboards by Penny also come in a variety of neon colors and rainbow designs, so if the metallic finish isn’t for you, take a look at some of the other boards Warehouse Skateboards has in stock and choose from a varied selection of colors and marble designs. All Penny products are built to look polished, perform great, and boost your confidence as a skater, so don’t be shy; flaunt your skills and your shiny new ride!

Penny Skateboards Rose Gold 22″ Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 6″ x 22″


Don’t miss out on these rare gems; order your Penny cruiser complete today!

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