Just In: Omen Boards Animal-themed Longboard Completes


Get in touch with your wild side with the latest animal-themed longboard completes from Omen Boards! Built by a brand dedicated to weathering the elements of nature, these boards are ready to take on the great outdoors.

Omen Boards Fly By Night Longboard Complete Skateboard – 9.5″ x 38″


Established in 2012, Omen Boards is a Seattle-based skateboarding brand that specializes in longboards, wheels and apparel. Its staff comes together to constantly create cutting-edge boards that incorporate some of the most durable materials available on the skate market today in their innovative designs. Channeling some of the animal kingdom’s toughest players, these new graphics capture the classic, yet sleek structures of each of the company’s signature board styles and innovative Bamboo Tech construction.

Omen Boards Lioness Longboard Complete Skateboard – 8.9″ x 33″


Each board is crafted especially for speed, like when you want to carve the sidewalks or bomb that perfect hill! But these bamboo-based longboards are ideal for cruising and simple trips from one point to the other, too. Designed, built and torture-tested in the free environments of the Pacific Northwest, Omen’s longboards are state-of-the-art downhill and freeride boards that are up to the challenges presented by every skater, novice or pro!

Omen Boards Ornatae Elephant Longboard Complete Skateboard – 8.5″ x 29″


Don’t wait to hunt down one of these Omen longboards; they won’t last long before they’re swiped right off our shelves!

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