Just In: New Decks from The Killing Floor


The Killing Floor is WOWing us again with their totally unique and totally mind-blowing graphics featured on their new deck collection! Talk about killer art that is sure to draw attention to not only your board, but also your rad tricks.

One of our personal favorites from The Killing Floor’s new decks is the Lance Chapin One Man’s Trash deck. I mean, how stunning are those bold colors with that design. You are definitely guaranteed to turn some heads with a board like that.

Over the last seven years, The Killing Floor brand has made a huge difference in both the skateboard industry as well as it’s loyal customers. One of their missions when establishing their brand was to influence the younger generations to embrace the beauty of skating and bring together the skating community. We’d say their mission was accomplished through their top quality products and their unique visuals. There just aren’t any other boards out there like The Killing Floor, so jump on their fan train and join the movement!


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