Just In: Moonshine Skateboards


Introducing the newest brand to fill up our shelves: Warehouse Skateboards now supplies decks from Moonshine Skateboards! Check out each of several hand-screened artist series and start building your skateboard today.

Moonshine Skateboards MoonRaker Assorted Colors Skateboard Deck – Art by Chris Allision – 8.25″ x 32.25″


In each of the decks housed here at Warehouse Skateboards, evidence of Chris Allision’s talent and artistry can easily be found. Each skateboard is different, but the designs feature both realistic and stylized elements that set them apart from the rest. Using fine art to embellish the best quality wood bases, Moonshine Skateboards works toward a goal of “radness.”

Moonshine Skateboards Jocke Olsson Jelly Fish White Skateboard Deck – Art by Chris Allision – 8.38″ x 32.5″


Having joined the skateboarding business in just the last few years, Moonshine’s skateboard decks are versatile yet rock solid, perfect for skaters of all skill levels. Once fully assembled, take these for a spin at the park, on the street, or out on the vert; the choice is yours!

Moonshine Skateboards Toshiaki Fujii Dragon Solid Black Skateboard Deck – Art by Chris Allision – 7.5″ x 30.5″


With several designs to choose from, all bearing Allision’s iconic sketches and prints, these decks are built to last and can be outfitted to your skating needs. Each of the decks carried by Warehouse Skateboards is a decent length for any skating venture, and can even be used by younger skaters and beginners. The decks arrive with predrilled holes, so you can start building your ideal board right away.

Moonshine Skateboards Rob Mertz Mako Purple Stain Skateboard Deck – Art by Chris Allision – 9.5″ x 32.75″


Moonshine Skateboards may be new to our shelves, but don’t wait to order your skateboard deck!

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