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It’s official: Mob Grip is killing the graphic grip game.

Grip tape is one of those skateboarding necessities, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring – a philosophy Mob Grip clearly embraces. Not only does their grip tape look great, it rides great, too.

Mob Grip Dirty Donny Master Blaster Grip Tape – 9″ x 33″


Mob Grip has been producing one of the industry’s leading skateboard grip tapes since 2000. Professional skaters trust Mob Grip tape with their lives—test out their selection and you’ll understand why! Graphic Mob is their newest and latest innovative grip tape. Made of their exclusive silicon carbide grit-binding process, Mob Grip skateboard grip tape is an ultra sticky adhesive that will never come off your board. No matter the temperature, their grip tape will stay on tight! It’s bubble-proof, high strength, and tear resistant.

Mob Grip Dirty Donny Rebellion Grip Tape – 9″ x 33″


Mob Grip tape also has a unique waterproof backing that trims clean every time. If you’re looking for premium grip tape that will keep your feet firmly planted while you make turns, Mob Grip has you covered! Mob Grip has separated itself from other grip tape brands when it comes to its graphics process. Without damaging the durability and grip, Mob Grip is able to lock in full color illustrations and crystal clear images into the grit. Mob Grip grip tape is available in small, traditional sizes to fit on the middle of your deck, as well as full size sheets for wider coverage. Their tape features various graphics to choose from, such as bottle caps, skulls, eagles, and wolves. No matter how hard your skate, Mob Grip grip tape is guaranteed to outlast your board every time!

Mob Grip Dirty Donny Sick Mind Grip Tape – 9″ x 33″


When it comes to the riding lifestyle, Mob Grip is sure about one thing: skateboard grip tape. Support Mob Grip, and you support the skateboarding lifestyle!

Oh, and if you need help applying your grip tape, check out our awesome tutorial that will show exactly how to apply grip tape for the best results.

Happy shopping!

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