Just In: Krux Trucks Standard Models


Krux Trucks brand is back with some rad new trucks to stock up Warehouse Skateboards’ shelves and to make your skateboard look fresh and new, just in time for spring!

Krux Trucks Standard Vasconcellos Pro Purple Skateboard Trucks – 5.625″ Hanger 8.25″ Axle (Set of 2)


Krux has been changing the skateboard trucks game for more than fifteen years. They have completely altered the process in which trucks are made by perfecting the hollow kingpin/axle setup for skaters of all skill levels. Krux trucks are also known for having the world’s best cushions, making it a brand favorite among professionals!

Krux Trucks Standard Polka Dot Whitle / Black / Silver Skateboard Trucks – 5.35″ Hanger 8″ Axle (Set of 2)


Made from aluminum, Krux skateboard trucks are the lightest on the market, and their new base designs have lowered the risk for potential board breaks. Krux trucks give you the smoothest ride with amazing turning control, and the trucks feel “broken in” from the moment you attach them to your deck and take them for a spin.

Krux Trucks Standard Krome Matte Green Skateboard Trucks – 5.35″ Hanger 8″ Axle (Set of 2)


Our latest selection includes plenty of bright, spring colors sure to help your board stand out when you’re able to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temps. Choose from greens, blues, purples and more to complete your favorite skateboard and take on the street, park, vert or pool!

Krux Trucks Standard Krome Matte Baby Blue Skateboard Trucks – 5.35″ Hanger 8″ Axle (Set of 2)


These trucks won’t last long in our stocks – order yours today!

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