Just In: Krooked Skateboards Personality Krisis III Skateboard Deck Series


Need to get a few new moves into your skating routine before summer ends? Make them a little edgier with the new Personality Krisis III skateboard deck series from Krooked Skateboards! With ones of these decks as a base, you can build your perfect complete before school is back in session. 

Krooked Skateboards Brad Cromer Personality Krisis III Skateboard Deck – 8.06″ x 31.8″


You’ll love these tributes to iconic figures like comedian George Carlin! These decks also include a variety of bold, neon color accents that are sure to turn heads.

Krooked Skateboards Mike Anderson Personality Krisis III Skateboard Deck – 8.25″ x 32″


Krooked has been delivering top skateboarding products to the market since 2002. Besides selling skate equipment and apparel, Krooked is widely known for spectacular skateboard decks. Made of 7 ply maple wood, these skateboard decks are strong and durable, and are perfectly designed to suit any skill level!

Krooked Skateboards Ronnie Sandoval Personality Krisis III Skateboard Deck – 8.5″ x 32.8″


Don’t miss your chance to ride off with decks fit for the greats – order your Personality Krisis III skateboard deck from Krooked Skateboards before they fly off our shelves!

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