Just In: Krooked Skateboards Birdical Series


Stretch your wings with these radical new designs from Krooked Skateboards! For skaters of all ages, this series of boards comes ready to fly fresh out of the box.

Krooked Skateboards Birdical Teal / Purple Mid Complete Skateboards – 7.5″ x 31″


Constructed with all skill levels in mind, Krooked’s Birdical boards are ahead of the game by including a deck that’s perfect for kids in the series. The stable design and manageable size make this board ready for learning to skate on the street or in the park, so smaller skaters can head outside the minute that spring sunshine comes out!

Krooked Skateboards Birdical Yellow / Blue Complete Skateboard – 8″ x 32″


Krooked has been delivering top skateboarding products to the market since 2002. Besides selling skate equipment and apparel, Krooked is widely known for spectacular skateboard decks. Made of 7 ply maple wood, these skateboard decks are strong and durable, and come in a variety of bold, neon colors that are sure to turn heads! You’ll love their iconic crayon-shaped decks and responsive wheel sets, which are made to take on any riding lifestyle.

Krooked Skateboards Birdical Black / White Complete Skateboard – 7.75″ x 31.6″


These complete skateboards – with all essential trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape included in the packaging – offer a super smooth ride on lightweight anchor trucks, so you’ll really feel like you’re flying while you shred any terrain.

Warehouse Skateboards has a limited supply of these fanciful boards – order online today!

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