Just In: Kebbek Skateboards 25th Anniversary Longboard Completes Series


Celebrate a milestone with Kebbek Skateboards by taking one of these commemorative 25th Anniversary longboard completes for a spin!

Kebbek Skateboards Ben Dub Longboard Complete Skateboard – 25th Anniversary – 9.75″ x 38″


Located in Montreal, Quebec, Kebbek has been manufacturing optimal longboarding gear since 1992. The goal is to craft a more defined downhill riding experience for longboarders everywhere. Constructed in various shapes and sizes, Kebbek longboard decks are models of innovative design, and complete boards have incredible traction, response, and smooth turning ability. They’re built for speed, so be prepared to skate faster!

Kebbek Skateboards Juergen Gritzner Longboard Complete Skateboard – 25th Anniversary – 9.75″ x 38


Kebbek decks feature unique artwork, often featuring any animal that’s drawn in a half robotic style. From swordfish to kangaroos, you could spend all day looking at its wide selection, and this anniversary series is no exception!

Kebbek Skateboards Raphael Therrien Crafty Longboard Complete Skateboard – 25th Anniversary – 9.5″ x 36″


Developed with an in-house urethane formula, the brand’s wheels are able to withstand the harshest riding conditions. And with completes that are pre-assembled and ready to ride, boards come to your door already equipped with the deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, and hardware you need to take off on your Kebbek longboard!

Kebbek Skateboards Smoothcut 34 Longboard Complete Skateboard – 25th Anniversary – 9.3″ x 34″


These Kebbek Skateboards 25th Anniversary longboard completes won’t stay on our shelves forever – order yours from Warehouse Skateboards today!

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