Just In: Sector 9 Barra Soap Deck


Any day we get new Sector 9 decks in is a good day, but we have to admit – there’s something special about this Sector 9 Barra Soap II deck in red. Yowza!

Founded in 1993, Sector 9 is a California-based skateboard company. What started as a backyard business grew into a highly sought after brand that warranted opening its own factory. Sector 9 is known in the industry for their powerhouse skateboards and longboards. Sector 9 complete skateboards are tailored for all levels and skill sets. Made of 7 ply maple, their traditional boards can withstand the test of durability and are available in a variety of fun, neon colors. Sector 9 pre-assembled skateboards are great for testing tricks at the skatepark, and Warehouse Skateboards sells plenty of completes. That means you can spend less time assembling, and more time riding. Sounds good to us!

The Sector 9 Barra Soap II is made from that same 7 ply maple, and is ideal for carving. Don’t believe us? Check out this sweet video and see for yourself:

If you need one of these decks ASAP, we don’t blame you one bit. Cruise on over to the Warehouse Skateboards shop and order one now, before they’re all gone!

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