Just In: Santa Cruz Reissued Decks


These Santa Cruz decks are so nice they’re issuing them twice. *Cue the sound of angels singing.* Honestly, we can’t blame them – these decks are sweet and we’re excited for the chance to grab them all over again.
Santa Cruz Jeff Grosso Demon Reissue Red Skateboard Deck – 10″ x 30.07″
Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.36.30 PM

If you live the skateboarding lifestyle, Santa Cruz has one of the toughest reputations in the industry. They’re known for their no-nonsense Santa Cruz skate decks, Santa Cruz skateboard wheels, and Santa Cruz skateboard completes. The Santa Cruz pro team is both feared and revered by their competition, and you can be apart of that sweet history every time you purchase and ride a Santa Cruz skateboard! Whether you’re a long time fan of this awesome brand or new to their products, these reissued decks are a great place to start. Classic, cool, and comfortable, Santa Cruz will take care of you. Snag them in our shop while supplies last!

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