Just In: Punked Skateboards Kicktail Complete Longboards


You’ve been punked! Check out the latest from Punked Skateboards – Warehouse is carrying rad designs on Kicktail Complete Longboards that will leave you with lasting memories of summer and carefree sunny days.

Punked Skateboards Wave Scene Kicktail Complete Longboard Skateboard – 10″ x 40″


With larger trucks and decks, Punked longboards give you more room to move around and tend to be popular amongst beach lovers. Lightweight and flexible but strong and up to your every skating challenge, these boards will take your riding to new heights! Made of bamboo, their longboards are designed for smooth turning and cruising at high speeds over long distances.

The Kicktail Completes feature balmy designs reminiscent of summer sun and hot afternoons, so you can take the season even as temps drop and afternoons are cut shorter!

Punked Skateboards Palm City Kicktail Complete Longboard Skateboard – 10″ x 40″


These high performance boards are great for all riders’ skill levels, whether beginners or pros. If you don’t want to waste time putting a board together, Punked has you covered; complete skateboards are pre-assembled and equipped with a deck, trucks, bearings, wheels, grip tape, and hardware.

Hurry and order yours while our stock lasts!

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