Just In: PlanB Chris Joslin Pro Models


Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the brand new PlanB Chris Joslin pro models are here!


If you’re not familiar with Plan B, you’ve been missing out big time! Twenty years ago, the company was founded by a group of friends who had the knowledge and expertise needed to make incredible skateboard gear. If you are looking to buy and ride, then look no further than Plan B complete skateboards. As for Chris Joslin, he hails from Hawaiian Gardens California and charged onto the scene with a no prisoners attack on all terrain. His debut Plan B part in TRUE is already legendary. Since then he dropped parts for Etnies, Venture, TRUE B-Sides, No Hope, The Berrics, and uncountable Instagram clips in a years time. Chris Joslin has worked hard and now, has shown the world what it takes to be the next Plan B Pro. Celebrate with him, Plan B, and Warehouse Skateboards by scooping up one of these dope decks – you won’t be disappointed!

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