Just In: Penny Longboards


If you’re looking for confidence, control, and pure, unadulterated freedom, look no further than the brand new Penny longboards. They’re Penny’s latest and longest addition, built to take you anywhere you want, from downtown to uptown to urban areas to skate parks, all with the utmost precision. These longboards are highly responsive with just the right amount of flex, allowing riders to weave in and out of crowds flawlessly. Plus they’re sleek and stylish, so you’ll look good getting there.

Don’t believe us? Just watch them in action:

Penny Longboard – Urban Skating from Penny Skateboards on Vimeo.

Escape the daily grind and skate away from it all. You won’t be disappointed!
Penny Mint 36″ Longboard – 9.5″ x 36″

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