Just In: Omen Boards Surfcraft Series


All signs point to Omen Boards new Surfcraft Series! The latest from these longboard experts includes a size, shape, and style for everyone, and are sure to please even the most picky skater. Check out these sweet graphics and prepare to be impressed!

Omen Boards Shaman Longboard Complete Skateboard – 9.5″ x 41.5″


The folks at Omen Boards are all about strength in choice. Everyday their crew comes together and chooses to create cutting edge boards incorporating some of the most durable and proven materials available on the market today. As board builders, riders, and engineers, they are constantly on a quest to improve upon and create the most unique and fun riding experience on four urethane wheels. They offer a plethora of decks throughout their three versatile board categories created solely through rider driven research and design.

Omen Boards Messenger Longboard Skateboard Deck – 8.5″ x 36″


These new selections for 2017 feature a more diverse lineup of boards, as well as a more appealing graphic selection, and better construction. Omen Boards recently switched to bamboo rather than maple, and their logo has also been updated with a more timeless look. They also changed their name from Omen Longboards to simply Omen Boards, which better reflects what they do best.

Omen Boards KOI Longboard Skateboard Deck – 9.5″ x 38″


Personally, we love all these changes as well as the quality and selection Omen Boards has been putting out. This brand is constantly improving itself, its products, and the experience it offers skaters. We can’t wait to see what they do next! In the meantime, we’re going to enjoy the Surfcraft collection. We hope you do, too!

Omen Boards Dreaded Lion Longboard Skateboard Deck – 9.5″ x 40″


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