Just In: Krux Jellybean Trucks


Halloween maybe over, but that doesn’t mean the candy binge has to stop – especially while these awesome Krux Jelly Trucks are in stock! So sweet and delish, you’re gonna want to serve yourself a set before they’re gone.

Krux always delivers when it comes to eye-catching graphic trucks and these trucks are no exception.  This time around they’ve released a cool seafoam colorway for their K4 standard and a tasty jellybean print on their forged standard (available in multiple sizes).


Krux has been changing the way we look at skateboard trucks for over fifteen years. They have completely altered the process in which trucks are made by perfecting the hollow kingpin/axle setup. Krux trucks are also known for having the world’s best cushions. It’s no wonder Krux is a brand favorite among professionals! Made from aluminum, Krux skateboard trucks are the lightest on the market. Their new base designs have lowered the risk for potential board breaks. They are available in a variety of pattern designs such as camo, tie dye, tropical, stripes, and – yes – jellybean! Krux trucks give you the smoothest ride with amazing turning control. Their trucks feel “broken in” from the moment you attach them to your deck. There’s no question about it—Krux skateboard trucks are everything you need for successful boarding sessions!

Get yours before they’re gone and taste the difference.

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