Just In: Girl Skateboards Spike Jonze Series


Stop whatever you’re doing and listen up: the latest collaboration between Girl Skateboards and Spike Jonze is beyond awesome, and you need to check it out immediately.

Spike Jonze is an iconic director and screenwriter, known for such classics as Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. He’s also directed many music videos for artists ranging from the Beastie Boys to Kanye West. His big break, however, was his very first film, called Video Days, which is widely considered one of the most influential skateboard videos of all time.

In this collboration with Girl Skateboards, Spike Jonze returns to his skateboarding roots and combines it with his love for music. The decks in this series feature photographs taken by Jonze of some his favorite musical artists, including the 1994 Beastie Boys, 1992 Sonic Youth, 1995 Björk, 2004 Karen O and our personal favorite, the 1991 Nirvana.

As for Girl Skateboards, we’re sure you’re aware of them, but just in case: Based in Torrance, California, Girl has been offering incredible skateboard equipment and apparel for over twenty years. As a distribution company, they own Girl products and other known brands including Chocolate, Royal, Ruby Republic, and Fourstar Clothing. Girl skateboard decks are constructed of strong, 7 ply maple. With one of the largest selections around and decks that feature everything from colorful, swirling graphics to images of their iconic Girl logo, you’re guaranteed to find the deck that’s right for you.

Even with such an amazing selection, we’re going to go on record saying that this new Spike Jonze series is the cream of the crop. They’re going fast, so snap them up while you can! Here’s what we currently have in stock – keep checking back to see what’s available!

Girl Skateboards Spike Jonze Karen O Skateboard Deck – 8.12″ x 31.625″



Girl Skateboards Spike Jonze Sonic Youth Skateboard Deck – 8″ x 31.5″


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