Just In: Girl Skateboard’s Fillmore Series


Good news, kids! The Fillmore series from Girl Skateboards just hit the shelves, and Warehouse Skateboards currently has them in stock. You’ll want to move quick, though – these sick styles are already going fast!

Based in Torrance, California, Girl has been offering incredible skateboard equipment and apparel for over twenty years. As a distribution company, they own Girl products and other known brands including Chocolate, Royal, Ruby Republic, and Fourstar Clothing. Girl skateboard decks are constructed of strong, 7 ply maple. Each are named after a Girl team member. With the large selection of Girl decks to choose from, it’s hard to settle on just one! From colorful, swirling graphics to images of their iconic Girl logo, the new Fillmore series fits right in.

Each deck is named after a pro skater from the Girl team, and Warehouse Skateboards is carrying the following: Brandon Biebel, Cory Kennedy, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Mike Carroll, Mike Mo Capaldi, Rick Howard, and Sean Malto. All the decks feature the Girl logo – that iconic silhouette most often seen on a Girl deck or the ladies’ restroom – and surrounded by bright, swirling colors. You’ll definitely turn heads on these decks! Backed by Girl Skateboard’s stellar reputation, the Fillmore series is a great gift to grab for yourself. Get yours now, before they’re gone!

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