Just In: Element Predator Featherlight Decks


Element Skateboards is a highly successful skateboard company based in Irvine, California. All Element skateboard decks are constructed from thriftwood 7 ply maple. They’re made thicker for added strength, yet still remain lightweight with minimal flexing. If you have an eye for design, you’ve come to the right place – these iconic decks come in variety of colors and graphics, and the newest Element Predator Featherlight decks are no different. Best of all? Warehouse Skateboards has them in stock just in time for Christmas!

The series features decks from pro skaters such as Nyjah Huston, Evan Smith, Nick Garcia and Julian Davidson. Each one is built for performance riding, and the imagery is unforgettable. Choose between a bird, a snake, a wolf, or a lion – you can’t go wrong when your spirit animal is Element!

Check out the decks below, then hurry to the shop and score your own today!

Element Evan Smith Featherlight Predator Skateboard Deck – 8.1″ x 31.9″

Element Evan Smith Featherlight Predator Skateboard Deck - 8.1" x 31.9"



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