Just In: Dusters California Skateboards


We’ve got the blues, thanks to these brand new Dusters California skateboard decks! They come in cool shades of aqua and turquoise, perfect for these cold winter months when everything is icy and cold. If you’re not familiar with Dusters, these dope decks are a great reason to get yourself acquainted, STAT. How about a little background on this awesome skateboard company to get you started?

Surrounded by the skate culture of California, Dusters has been manufacturing skateboard products for over twenty-five years. The creative team behind Dusters focuses on the importance of a finished, polished product, and analyze every detail before allowing new products to hit the shelves. No matter what you purchase from Dusters, you know you’re getting a high quality product. From retro designs to checkers and stripes, you are sure to find the right board for you! Their skateboards are made for all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

These new decks are just what the doctor ordered. Check them out below and order whichever one speaks to your inner cool kid.

Dusters California Aqua Double Drop Turquoise Complete Skateboard – 9.75″ x 38″


Dusters California Kosher Turquoise Complete Skateboard – 9.5″ x 33″

Dusters California Kosher Turquoise Complete Skateboard - 9.5" x 33"

Dusters California Wake Turquoise Complete Skateboard – 9.12″ x 34″

Dusters California Wake Turquoise Complete Skateboard - 9.12" x 34"

Go blue and score your Dusters California skateboard deck today!

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