Just In: Deathwish Skateboards’ Nightmare In Emerald City Series


Think you know how to follow the Yellow Brick Road? Think again! Deathwish puts a wicked spin on the iconic movie, The Wizard of Oz, with this new series of skateboard decks. All feature a twisted version of one of the classic characters… oh, my!

Deathwish Skateboards Jon Dickson Nightmare In Emerald City Skateboard Deck – 8.12″ x 31.5″


Designed for every skill level, these decks only need a little elbow grease before they’re ready to shred. They’re perfect for just about any surface: streets, parks and vert included. Deathwish constructs each deck with a sturdy support, so they’ll hold up to the pressure of tricks and rough riding alike.

Deathwish Skateboards Erik Ellington Nightmare In Emerald City Skateboard Deck – 8.25″ x 31.5″


Founded by BakerBoys Distribution in 2007, Deathwish is based out of North Hollywood and supplies skateboard decks, apparel, wheels, backpacks, and accessories. Originally a sunglasses company, Deathwish has come far in the skateboarding industry with cutting-edge products and innovative designs.

Deathwish Skateboards Lizard King Nightmare In Emerald City Skateboard Deck – 8″ x 31.5″


Built using 7-ply maple wood, each of Deathwish’s skateboard decks is made to last and stands out from the crowd like a shiny brand-new pair of ruby slippers.

Deathwish Skateboards Neen Williams Nightmare In Emerald City Skateboard Deck – 8.38″ x 32″


You’ll have to get the grip tape, trucks, and wheels on your own, but each of the decks comes with predrilled holes for easy assembly. Once you have all the pieces, just bring them all together and then you can fly!

Deathwish Skateboards Nightmare In Emerald City Skateboard Deck – 8.25″ x 31.5″


These boards won’t last long in our stock, so get yours before they’re gone!

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