Just In: Dan Mancina Actions Realized Braille decks


Dan Mancina is a blind skateboarder from Detroit, MI. Real teamed up with Mancina to create the Real Actions Realized Braille Skateboard Deck series to support and inspire other visually impaired skaters. Part of the proceeds will help fund the first adaptive skate park for visually impaired and disabled skaters.

Mancina developed his passion for skating when he was a kid. He didn’t start experiencing vision issues until his early teens, when an eye doctor noticed something unusual in a routine eye exam. He was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a condition that causes gradual loss of central vision.

At first, Mancina resigned himself to a life without skateboarding. But after a couple years he got his board back out. And, as he shared his story on social media, he gained a following of inspired fans. Now, in his early 30s, he has lost 95 percent of his vision, but he uses a cane to orient himself around the ramp or ledge that he’s skating.

These decks will sell out quickly, so make sure you get yours while you can. Support a super inspiring skater and a cool cause while you’re at it!





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