Just In: Bacon Skateboards Woodgrain Series


According to Bacon Skateboards“Everyone loves bacon… even vegans.” While we can neither confirm or deny that statement, we can assure you that everyone, no matter what you eat, will fall in love with the deliciously awesome brand new decks we just got in from Bacon.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Bacon was founded in 2000 by Ethan Bettencourt, Colin Sharp, and Orr Menard. The company is constantly pushing the envelope in innovation, while taking steps to ensure that they’re moving the art of skateboarding in the right direction. Designed by skaters for skaters, Bacon makes superior skateboard decks that are a favorite among pros. Constructed of 100% Wisconsin rock-hard maple, Bacon skateboard decks are unlike any other! From sliding to free riding, these decks are designed for any style of skateboarding. They’re perfect for every skill level, from beginner to advanced. Their decks can also withstand the harshest riding conditions, including extreme weather climates and rough terrain. If you’re searching for a new skateboard deck that will separate you from the rest, you’re going to love what Bacon has to offer!

Which brings us to these decks! The Bacon Woodgrain series is everything you love about Bacon – bold, iconic logo, paired with a classic woodgrain pattern. There are four styles to pick from, so you can go au natural or choose a crazy hue – whichever best fits your mood and personality. Check them out below!

Bacon Woodgrain Logo Natural / Red Skateboard Deck – 8.38″ x 31.5″

Bacon Woodgrain Logo Natural / Red Skateboard Deck - 8.38" x 31.5"

Bacon Woodgrain Logo Pink / Green Skateboard Deck - 8.25" x 31.5"


Bacon Woodgrain Logo Purple / Yellow Skateboard Deck - 8.75" x 32"



Bacon Woodgrain Logo Yellow / Blue Skateboard Deck - 8.5" x 31.5"


Is your mouth watering over these awesome Bacon decks? We don’t blame you! Order yours today and get ready to serve up some truly delicious tricks!

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