Just In: Anti Hero Skateboards


We’re loving the brand new Anti Hero Flock of Pigeons skateboards that we just got in. Owned by Deluxe Distribution, Anti Hero was founded by professional skateboarder Julien Stranger in 1995. For over fifteen years, Anti Hero has been a leading brand for skateboard decks. Constructed of 7 ply maple, Anti Hero skateboard decks are strong and built to last! The tops of Anti Hero skateboard decks have stained finishes for a sleek, polished look. To set themselves apart from the rest, their decks use head-turning, striking graphics. These flock of pigeon-inspired boards are no different.

Dedicated to three awesome pro skaters – Andrew Allen, Frank Gerwer, and Chris Pfanner – these decks come in three distinct colors and all feature the iconic Anti Hero logo. Our favorite part is the way they create a perfect scene of wily pigeons when placed side by side. Some people hate pigeons, and think of them as rats of the sky, but we know the truth. The humble pigeons is resourceful, clever, and a rebel to the end. If skateboarding had a spirit animal, it would totally be a pigeon.

Spirit animal or not, you better believe these decks are “flying” off the shelves. Grab yours before they’re gone for good!

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