Just In: Andrew Reynold’s Emerica & Independent Trucks Collaboration


What do you get when you cross Independent with Emerica? None other than the Andrew Reynolds’ Emerica x Independent Trucks collaboration, which takes skateboard trucks to a whole new level. Check them out! 

Independent Truck Co. Andrew Reynolds GC Hollow 129mm Green / Green Skateboard Trucks – 7.6″ Axle (Set of 2)


These trucks are pretty awesome, and why wouldn’t they be? After all, Independent Truck Company has been setting the standard for skateboard trucks since 1978. The Independent skateboard truck, also known as an “Indy,” was created due to the lack of quality trucks on the market. They are light and long-lasting, with a glossy and transparent coated finish, which means you’ll be able to enjoy them for many awesome skate sessions.

Grab a set for your skateboard today – you won’t regret it!

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