Just In: OJ Wheels Cheeseburgers


Feast your eyes on Jason Jessee’s new “Cheeseburgers” from OJ wheels. They’re delicious, nutritions, and will give you the energy you need to tear it up at the skatepark. (Note: these wheels are not actually edible. Hopefully y’all read this far before you started chowing down.)

OJ Wheels Jason Jessee Cheeseburgers Skateboard Wheels – 58mm 101a (Set of 4)


Established in 1974, OJ is one of the original founding fathers of skateboard companies. With a specialty for skateboard wheels, OJ has been a leader in the industry for over twenty years! OJ skateboard wheels are made from the best urethane formula available. They have many styles available that work well on different terrains. Designed in bright neon colors, their Thunder Juice wheels are big, soft, and fast! They offer a smooth ride on even the roughest roads.


Are you getting hungry yet? You’re in luck! We’re serving these wheels up hot and fresh in the shop right now. Grab a set and you’ll be satisfied immediately.

And if you’re a vegetarian, don’t worry – OJ has plenty of non-burger wheels for you to munch on! Check out the full selection and get ready to drool.

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