Just In: New Surprise Skateboards Decks


Don’t let one sad apple ruin the bunch! Especially when we’re talking about the killer Sad Apple deck from Surprise Skateboards. We just got this deck (and a bunch of other fun new designs) in from Surprise Skateboards, and the whole crew can’t stop talking about them. Like all Surprise skateboard decks, they feature colorful hand drawn graphics featuring creatures such as Big Foot, devils, mythical creatures, cartoon faces of various emotions, and more. With so much variety it might be hard to settle on just one deck, but we recommending starting with this Sad Apple. Those happy worms get us every time!

Surprise Skateboards MM2 Sad Apple Skateboard Deck – 8.75″ x 32.25″


Haven’t skate Surprise before? You’re in for a treat! In high demand around the world, Surprise is a skateboard brand that’s no stranger to the industry. This American company specializes in skate decks, and are major supporters of the idea that the entire building process should be completed within the United States. Surprise skateboard decks are uniquely shaped, providing the best performance to all riding styles. They’re constructed from traditional 7 ply maple and have varying degrees of concave for extra foothold. Surprise truly embodies its name when it comes to design selection. Topped with silk-screened finishes, these boards are polished perfection. Surprise makes decks to suit all skill levels and riding conditions. From streets to skateparks, their decks can take on any terrain. Wear and tear is never an issue when it comes to this brand. Enjoy many successful years of hard skating with Surprise!

Check out the full lineup in the shop and grab your favorite while they’re still on the shelf!

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