Just In: Fall 2016 Globe Skateboards


Just when you though Fall couldn’t get any better, Globe Skateboards released their new Fall 2016 skateboards! Featuring both skateboards and longboards, Globe has evolved into one of the world’s largest skateboard distributors. With high quality boards coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, you are guaranteed to get a board that satisfies your skateboarding needs. Plus, you will be riding in style with their sweet, unique graphics!

So what’s in store for this fall? The newly released fall collection includes both longboards and skateboards, with designs ranging from rad quotes to colorful graphics. We especially love the new Rug Burn design, which comes in red, navy, and grey.

Already a fan of Globe? Then you might as well hit up their apparel sections while you’re at it! Throw on that awesome t-shirt, hop on your new board, and hit the streets looking fresher than ever before!




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