Just In: Enjoi Skateboards My Little Pony Series


Ride into the new year with an all-new series from Enjoi Skateboards! It’s a whole other level of skating magic with these whimsical tributes to My Little Pony figures, and Warehouse Skateboards has the latest designs for you to enjoy while you shred in style.

Enjoi Skateboards My Little Pony Dreams Complete Skateboard – 7.25″ x 29.2″



Owned by Dwindle Distribution and recognizable by an iconic panda logo, Enjoi has been a leader in skateboarding equipment since 2000. The company’s skateboard decks feature a variety of colorful and cartoonish graphics, accentuated by bold backdrops and that panda we all know and love. Each is made from North American maple and constructed using epoxy resin glue for a durable and sturdy board. All Enjoi skateboards decks are stronger than the industry’s standard and arrive set up and ready for you to use immediately.

Enjoi Skateboards My Little Pony Night Time Glow Complete Skateboard – 7″ x 31.7″


Each board in this series is geared to take all terrains – pool, park, vert or street – and support all skill levels. So whether you’re a beginner or have been on wheels for some time now, these little ponies can give you a galloping start.

Enjoi Skateboards Snuzzler Jr Mini Complete Skateboard Soft Top – 6.5″ x 28.2″


Enjoi even made sure to cover younger skaters with this series; one of the boards is built for smaller feet, but still comes fully equipped and ready to ride straight from the box! It’s just right for kiddos looking to pick up an active hobby in the new year.

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