Just In: Dusters California Skateboards Olson Series


California dreaming starts here! Embrace a more laid-back style with Dusters California Skateboards and the Olson series. Built to last and travel with you to any park, street or beachside lot, these complete boards are made for all types of skaters and at all skill levels.

Dusters California Skateboards Olson White / Blue / Assorted Colors Longboard Complete Skateboard – 9″ x 36.9″


Surrounded by the skate culture of California, Dusters has been manufacturing skateboard products for more than twenty-five years. The creative team behind Dusters – comprised of professional skateboarders – focuses on the importance of a finished, polished, high quality pre-assembled skateboards and longboards. If you love fast, downhill boarding sessions, then the longboards and their sleek construction are for you. The boards are designed to make smooth turns and cruise at high speeds, and with larger trucks and decks, riders have extra room to move around.

Dusters California Skateboards Olson Wood / White / Assorted Colors Cruiser Complete Skateboard – 9″ x 32.9″


The skateboard cruiser and longboard models are also equipped with matching deck, trucks, wheels, riser pads, and quality bearings. Each Dusters complete skateboard has a unique look, shape, and feel, and the Olson boards are no exception! No matter the design, all skateboards and longboards have the Dusters name and logo lasered into the front.

These radical, one-of-a-kind complete boards are flying off our shelves; order your Dusters California Skateboards Olson board today!

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