Just In: Doomsayers Club Snake Shake Skateboard Deck Collection


Join the club and grab one of these rad new skateboard decks from Doomsayers Club! Ideally designed for all skaters, these decks are rock solid and ready for parks, streets and staircases near you.

Doomsayers Club Snake Shake Black / White Skateboard Deck – 8.58″ x 32.375″


Based out of Sacramento, Doomsayers was established by Omar Salazar in 2012. Rather than growing discouraged by it, Salazar’s inspiration actually came from being turned down in the past about his creative vision. The answer? Be the one to call the shots. Completely run by Salazar, the skate genius manages everything from press to print. Complete ownership gives him full control to create a brand he not only believes in, but lives. Simplistic designs distinguished by provoking artistry sets the company apart in every category of skateboarding-related products.

Doomsayers Club Snake Shake Yellow / Black Skateboard Deck – 8.08″ x 31.75″


Featuring predrilled holes for easy skate truck assembly, the Snake Shake decks are adorned with a basic design of a handshake in motion, with one little caveat: a snake waiting to strike. Tread lightly!

Doomsayers Club Snake Shake Black / Yellow Skateboard Deck – 8.28″ x 32″


Grip tape and other skating essentials are not included in the shipment of these decks, but you can purchase appropriate products to finish out your board through Warehouse Skateboards as well.

Doomsayers Club Snake Shake Navy / Yellow Skateboard Deck – 8.38″ x 32.375″


The Snake Shake collection is available here at Warehouse Skateboards while our supplies last. Don’t miss out! Order your skateboard deck today!

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