Just In: DGK Skateboards Kung Fu Deck Series


New from DGK Skateboards, the Kung Fu deck series will kick your skating game into high gear! If you’ve got the moves, we highly recommend snatching up one of these decks – fast as lightning – and building your ideal setup. 

DGK Skateboards Boo Johnson Kung Fu Skateboard Deck – 8.25″ x 32″


DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids) was founded by pro skater Stevie Williams in 2004, who made it his mission to focus on the fun and make skateboard gear for skaters of all skill levels. DGK is widely known for their skateboard decks, which tend to take a creative spin on well-known food mascots like Captain Crunch, or emulate commercial and artistic icons and styles, like the edgy and intense graphic style of the Kung Fu deck series. If you’re looking for complete boards and decks that convey lightheartedness and comedy, DGK skateboard gear is exactly what you need.

DGK Skateboards Dane Vaughn Kung Fu Skateboard Deck – 8.1″ x 32″


These decks come with predrilled holes, so you can choose your preferred trucks, wheels, and other hardware and accessories to suit your skating needs. Built with all levels of skating expertise in mind, this deck series can stand up to the challenges in the park, street, pool and vert like a pro!

DGK Skateboards Marquoise Henry Kung Fu Skateboard Deck – 7.9″ x 32″


These decks are flying off the shelves here at Warehouse Skateboards – don’t miss out on the chance to order one and show off your skating skills!

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