Just In: Darkstar Skateboards Nagel Skateboard Deck Series


Just in from Darkstar Skateboards, this Nagel skateboard deck series is full of class, style, and girl power to boot!

Darkstar Skateboards Nagel Grey Skateboard Deck – 8″ x 31.68″


For more than fifteen years, Darkstar has been an iconic name in the skateboarding industry for innovative product technologies. Originally founded as a company focused only on skateboard wheels, Darkstar has expanded its product line to include skateboards, decks and retail.

Darkstar Skateboards Dave Bachinsky Nagel Skateboard Deck Resin-7 – 8″ x 31.68″


Made of 7-ply maple and epoxy resin, Darkstar skateboard decks are typically stronger than industry standards. Featuring detailed designs and images such as skulls, snakes, and the iconic armored knight logo, these well-built decks are sure to guarantee that you make a statement at the skate park, on the streets, or anywhere else you choose to ride!

Darkstar Skateboards Greg Lutzka Nagel Skateboard Deck Resin-7 – 8.12″ x 31.7″


This particular skateboard deck series is inspired by Patrick Nagel’s work as an illustrator and graphic design artist. His extensive portfolio is often defined by the presence of strong, empowered female characters, shown in clean lines and minimal color.

Darkstar Skateboards Ryan Decenzo Nagel Skateboard Deck Resin-7 – 8.25″ x 31.9″


Don’t miss your chance to amp up your skating skills with the help of a durable, powerhouse of a skateboard deck that you can customize to suit your needs! Order one today through Warehouse Skateboards, and you’ll be riding off in no time.

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