Just In: Darkstar Skateboards Molten Series


Meld right into new skating adventures with the Molten Series from Darkstar Skateboards! Recognizable by the unique fading design on the deck, these complete skateboards can take any beginner or experienced skater on a smooth ride.

Darkstar Skateboards Molten Aqua Fade Mid Complete Skateboards – 7.5″ x 31.1″


Darkstar has been a household name for innovative product technologies for more than fifteen years. Originally introduced as a skateboard wheel company, Darkstar has expanded its product line to include skateboards and retail. The company’s skateboard decks are stronger than industry standards, with detailed designs featuring images such as skulls, snakes, and the iconic armored knight logo. Their pre-assembled boards are ready to use, so you can start riding as soon as they’re delivered to your door! Complete skateboards include a deck, trucks, bearings, and wheels. Whether you’re skateboarding for the first time or looking to improve your skills, Darkstar skateboards will take your riding to all new levels!

Darkstar Skateboards Molten Sunset Fade Complete Skateboard – 8″ x 31.6″


Constructed using 7 ply hardrock maple wood and exclusive Stiff Glue, the boards in the Molten series also feature new and improved Darkstar 51mm/95a wheels and T5 aluminum trucks for optimal shredding. Perfect for any terrain, the Molten series boards can stand up to the challenge of curving and taking on hills, while also providing the skater with a board that’s down for cruising.

Order your Molten Darkstar skateboard today, while the supplies in Warehouse Skateboards lasts!

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